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Freeze Your Fat

Twice The Results In Half The Time For Half The Price!


Our 3 Stage BodiSculpting service is so effective, we confidently offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the results, we will continue to treat until you are!


Eliminate Stubborn Fat With Our Pain Free, Non Invasive, Fat Freezing Procedure.

We guarantee results. If you're not 100% satisfied we will continue to treat until you are!*


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Better Machines

We spent 3 years traveling the world for the best technology available.Other clinics are using up to 10 year old cryolyposis machines and selling on the strength of an old brand. New You Spa's Exclusive technology works twice as fast for double the results and up to half the cost as that old technology.


Melt Fat

The only clinic in North America to Freeze Fat with our Exclusive process. First, Lipo Laser to open the fat lipids. We then heat the area to make your experience pain free. Our Cryolipolysis machines freeze the fat in half the time as other clinics. Last, we use our Exclusive Fat Cracker to break up the fat cells and tighten the skin for maximum results.


Cut Down on Result Time

What takes an entire day at other clinics can be done in 30 Min at New You. Our Exclusive BodiSculpt program incorporates 3 services into one fat melting service.


What's Included

At New You we also pair BodiSculpting with our Fat Cracker and RF Skin Tightening treatments to help enhance and optimize the fat freezing results.

New You’s 3-Stage-BodiSculpt package is a great value and packs the fat-busting punch to get you the body you’ve always wanted.

After receiving the targeted BodiSculpting treatment, your New You BodiSculpting technician will give you the metabolism boosting Fat Cracker used for treating cellulite. The Fat Cracker uses strong sound waves administered into the skin and fat tissue to improve the quality of the connecting tissue on the stomach, upper arms, and eliminate cellulite. Following the Fat Cracker, RF Skin Tightening is performed to reduce the appearance of saggy or loose skin, giving the patient the toned and contoured body of their dreams.

What is BodiSculpting

BodiSculpting is the only Fat Freezing treatment of its kind on the market that is designed to only target fat cells for destruction.

Without surgery, knives or invasive tools, BodiSculpting contours the body quickly and effectively. The BodiSculpting system is the only controlled cooling device with built-in safety measures. The system will automatically shutdown if the skin sensors detect the skin is getting too cold, preventing any adjacent tissue damage.

Most patients experience noticeable results after one BodiSculpting treatments, however more than one may be needed to target robust fat pockets and stubborn deposits. If you are not satisfied, we will retreat until you are!

Where You Can BodiSculpt

Why New You

New You Spa offers the best Fat Freezing service in North America, and we guarantee it!

Unlike lasers or heat-based treatments, BodiSculpting is very safe for the surrounding tissue and muscles, while also being extremely effective at neutralizing fat deposits. BodiSculpting is a revolutionary body sculpting treatment that allows you to simply freeze away pesky, stubborn fat deposits. Using the innovative BodiSculpting technology fat cells are targeted, frozen and crystallized allowing the body to naturally remove the dead fat cells, essentially melting them away effortlessly and painlessly.

Our unique and exclusive 3-stage Fat Freezing Service is designed to be virtually Pain Free. Our 3 stage process opens the fat lipids, freezes the fat, then uses shock waves to break up the cells. This process delivers results twice as fast. They Do One Area At a time. We Do FOUR in 30 Min! We finish the visit with RF Skin Tightening treatments to enhance and optimize the results.

Exclusively at New You Spa:

  • Over 35,000 Treatments Performed
  • Exclusive 3 and 5 Stage Package For the Same Price as 1 Visit To Other Providers
  • Guaranteed Results or we Re-Treat For Free
  • New Technology That Is Painless and Fast

we excel in our field

Named #1
Years in a Row

Named the number 1 national provider for BodiSculpting 4 Years in a row!

Hapy Clients

More than 35,000 treatments performed

Machine Method for Double the Results
BodiSculpting Machines

The ONLY med spa with 9 BodiSculpting machines, allowing us to treat multiple areas at once

stage BodiSculpting Program

The Only med spa to offer the 3-Stage BodiSculpting Program: BodiSculpting, Fat Cracker, and RF Skin Tightening

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*DISCLAIMER: These results may vary depending on the patient’s health history. While some of our patients had great results, results are not the same for everyone.

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